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 Union loyalists from Fort Martin Scott were gunned down by Texas Partisan Rangers in the predawn hours. The Haengerbande would plague Texas Germans of insufficient southern enthusiasm for the remainder of the war. 






150 Anniversary Civil War Battle Nueces River

Loyalists to the Union mostly of German descent took their oath of allegiance to their newly adopted country(USA) very seriously. The will to desist from bearing arms against it and remain honest with themselves would prove deadly in the early hours before dawn on August 10, 1862. This encounter with the confederate forces took place on the banks of the West Nueces River north of Brackettville. These men from Kerr, Kendall, and Gillespie counties met on the Turtle Creek in Kerr County to leave Texas and join the Federal army by way of Mexico on August 3, 1862. Confederate forces got wind of this, were successful in tracking them down because of the unionists slow pace, and the battle ensued. 19 Unionist were killed. 9 wounded were executed later in the day. Confederates listed 2 killed and 18 injured. Other names for battle are Nueces Massacre and Dutch Mountain Battle.
Members of the Comfort Heritage Foundation and descendants of those in the battle will be able to visit the site the morning of Friday, August 10, 2012. That evening there will be a Folk Opera in Comfort. It will also be presented to area schools in spring of 2012. There will also be an essay contest for students. Saturday August 11, 2012 there will be a memorial service at the "Treu der Union" Monument at 10:00am, a German Meal served at the Comfort Park 11:00-1:00, and a symposium that afternoon at 2:00. More details to come.
This information and more can be found on facebook; 150 Anniversary Civil War Battle Nueces River
 German Descendant brought pistol that had been at the battle